BlueGas is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) company headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. Our mission is the seamless supply and distribution of LPG with a strong focus on customer satisfaction throughout all layers of our organisation. We achieve this through unrivalled customer service and the use of innovative technology and cutting-edge equipment, providing an unprecedented customer experience.

Our vision is to become an aspirational household brand that sets a new standard in customer service with the help of technology, working for business and domestic customers alike.

Our purpose is to (with time) empower every household and business to easily access LPG in an increasingly more affordable way. We use in-house developed innovative technology and state-of-the-art hardware to achieve this and create value for all our stakeholders.


BlueGas is a privately-owned company founded in 2017 by two oil industry professionals who pioneered the first large LPG cargo imports to the region earlier this decade, and decided to focus on developing the regional LPG sector with an innovative approach, starting in Kenya.

We see the Kenyan LPG market as being inefficient and undeveloped. In an economy that is set to continue experiencing robust growth significantly driven by private consumption and an expansion of the services sector that will continue to be the economy’s most dominant driving-force, the LPG sector represents an emergent and highly lucrative opportunity. We therefore set out to explore this through making LPG easier to access, safer to use and more convenient for our customers, all in line with the Kenyan government’s commitment to meet the 2030 clean energy goals.

BlueGas' objective is to cultivate the use of LPG, whilst bringing satisfaction to our customers, encompassing the ever-changing environmental, social and the technological advancements available today.

LPG is the most universal fuel available. It is used for cooking, heating, in commercial business, industry, transportation, farming, and for power generation. It should therefore be easily accessible and always available. BlueGas aims to ensure that this is so, by offering an easily available and efficient LPG supply chain for our customers across Kenya and the region.

We supply LPG to industries in bulk, and through installation of our branded bulk stationary tanks fitted with our technology. This allows us and our customers to monitor tank level and analyse consumption patterns, ensuring that we always know when it is time to replenish, track deliveries in real-time and make payments online at the click of a button.

Our technology is part of the BlueGas service offering, aiming to ensure that our customers’ LPG consumption is always managed smoothly whilst allowing them to forecast and budget consumption, improving their business efficiency overall.

We see ourselves as a customer centric service provider, with our main pillars being safety, quality, convenience and customer satisfaction.

BlueGas products are well-tested and in compliance with world class safety standards.